COVID Policies

First, high quality masks are required indoors. Plain cloth masks, gaiters and bandanas are NOT permitted.

We require a well-fitting mask, covering nose and mouth, such as an N95 or KN95 or a blue disposable mask. If you have a different, equally or more effective mask (such as one with a HEPA filter), it must be pre-approved at least 3 days prior to the dance. Send an email to to request pre-approval; the cut-off for early approval is the Wednesday before the dance. We will not approve alternate masks at the door the night of the dance.

We will have masks available. Your first mask will be free. The same KN95 mask may be worn up to 5 times. After that, please exchange for a new mask. We request you pay $1 per mask after your first.

Secondly, proof of vaccination (and boosting, if eligible) will be required. To make the check-in process faster and easier, you may submit your vaccination info ahead of time by sending a photo of your vaccination card to You may also show your vaccination record at the door. The cut-off for early vax submission will be the Thursday before the dance. We will maintain a list of names, so that you only have to show the card the first time you dance with us.